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Have you tried UberEATS?

UberEATS is an extension of Uber, the fast growing, inexpensive ride sharing option. On weekdays, from 11 AM to 2 PM, you have the option to order lunch from a preset menu that showcases the best meals from favorite local restaurants. Once ordered, an Uber driver will deliver your meal in 10 minutes or less.


– Get $7 off your first meal! Use the promo code 2016EATS

– Get 15% off your order! Use the promo code HTX15OFF

Note: You can only use one promo code at a time. If you have any issues with UberEATS, simply contact Uber Support – they have some of the best support ticket resolution and customer service of any mobile app service.




3 thoughts on “Have you tried UberEATS?

    • Hi Jude,

      Thank you for your comment! Please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already. I plan on having the site up and running with regular weekly updates by mid-April.

      With regards to your comment: May I ask where you are getting your info from? This code is valid in the Houston area and was sent out in the last UberEATS communication. The HTX15OFF promo code will expire 3/18.



  1. Mom… I appreciate your support. However, please don’t comment with “noise”. A comment is classified as a “noise” comment if it can be replaced by using a “Like” button.


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